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Momo’s by Ruvi

specialist on dumpling..

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The only cafe food joint in Colombo, exclusively for momos !!! (Halal)

We serve food with the Hainanese chicken rice there and you can also pair it up with dumplings.. They just taste awesome with the perfect crunch and freshness…So here we have it @momosbyruvi .. Stir fried bok choy with our homemade garlic honey sauce!!

The dining space is clean, cool, and tastefully furnished, with a blackboard featuring the menu items.

Their menu features vegetarian options, as well as beef, chicken and prawn options. There’s no pork right now as the owner is using halal ingredients. You can opt for them to be steamed, shallow fried, wok fried, or with cheese. There are also two platter options which come with soups.

Great place+Great humour never did anyone wrong, and that’s exactly why Momo’s will treat your tastebuds right.