Safety Tips to Avoid Car Accidents

When driving your #1 concern should be safety. You may be driving alone or taking a passenger with you, however, with more and more distractions on the road, it is crucial you understand the basics of safe driving and practice them each time you get behind the wheel. Most accidents are minor; however, in a head on collision, you can be killed instantly. Here are safety tips to avoid accidents in future.

Before you Begin

Before you whiz your car away, make certain the warning lights are switched off, including the engine coolant, gas line and engine light. Also, make certain the air and tire lines are good enough. These are simple practices before taking the vehicle on the road.

Maintain a Watchful Eye

Whilst we may practice safety tips when driving, not everyone on the road does. There are hundreds of thousands of drivers on the road, maintain a watchful eye. Be completely aware of your surroundings, but avoid lingering on anything for too long. Check the rear view mirror from time to time, and judge the speed of the cars around you which will help you determine who to stay away from.

Check Blind Spots

There can be parking areas and side streets where people pull up to without catching your attention. Side swiping accidents are a common occurrence as a result of this. Make certain you check your blind spots before moving into the next lane.

Driving Side by Side

Pay careful consideration when driving side by side with another vehicle, even for a few minutes. The other vehicle may not check their blind spots. It is ideal if you pull ahead or behind even for a brief moment in order for them to see you are still there.

Intersection Safety

There may be a green light; however, it is a safety practice to look both ways before entering an intersection. Remember, not everyone is a good enough driver and we must leave room for negligence by others.

Approaching Emergency Vehicles

There may be emergency vehicles approaching in the form of siren sounding or emergency light flashing. Be mindful of such vehicles and keep in mind these vehicles against the usual direction of traffic or through the red light.

Using the Signal Light

In case you are going to change lanes, it is an absolute must you use the signal light. The signal light is a pre-warning to make drivers around you aware, you want to change the lane. This will give them time to slow down or stop the vehicle until you pass.  

Keep a Safe Distance

Generally, when you apply brakes it takes a few seconds to get your car to come to a standstill. Keep a safe distance in such instances as it will only serve you better if you have to apply brakes at a sudden point.  The distance depends on the speed. The faster you drive, the more distance is required with the vehicle in front of you.

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