Guide to Selling Your Car; tricky yet easy

No matter how much you are in love with our car, there comes a time you have to let it go. It may be due to improvements in your financial position which would tempt you to consider the possibility of going for a newer car, or in a worst case scenario you would have to decide in selling your vehicle to pay off your debts or worse still, to meet your day to day expenses.

In some instances, it is neither of the above, where the owner of the car is not the least bit concerned about making an income out of the transaction, but that all he wants is to get rid of his car, not just because it is a wreck underneath its shiny exterior, but due to the simple reason he does not want to own a one anymore.

This is one reason buyers may mildly inquire you as to why you have decide to sell your car in the first place. They know very well you can lie your way out of it, but they still persist on an acceptable answer.

Always keep in mind, never lie. But you do not have to volunteer any negative information either. Wait until you are asked about any kind of defect in your car before you jump to it. But about the positive side you can go on talking forever, no objection.

While you talk you win the confidence of the buyer that you are an agreeable person to go along with and the car you are offering them is well worth a bargain. People are after your car, not after you, but still they would prefer to do business with a friendly guy rather than an aggressive businessman.

Friendly, but not to a level that your buyer may feel that you can be easily manipulated, or that you are over flexible. Keep in mind that you are selling this car, not giving it away for charity. Put a price well above the real value of your car and let the buyer offer a price lower than that.  Set a floor limit and hold your ground.

If you are in Sri Lanka you can obtain the services of a valuation company to know the real market value of your vehicle. Why not try this link

Before you advertise your car prepare it for the sale and also the documents you need for the sale well in advance. There are occasions you get an unbelievable offer the very first day you advertise and the buyer comes straightly to you, money in hand, for his test drive. Pity if your car paints a poor picture for him at a critical moment like that.

Have a skilled mechanic upgrade the interior and exterior of the car. You have to invest a little on this, but you would never regret it. Everyone likes to have their purchase look new and fresh smelling. We suggest you take a look at this one

After you bring it home, keep a dashboard wax and a tire polish at your doorstep. When the appointment draws near, spend five minutes to give some gleam to your car. It captures the eye.


It is tricky part in answering inquiries over the phone. You might receive multiple calls from several parties but all of them actually directed by a single person. A buyer would try to catch you off guard with technical details you are not aware of. We repeat, do not lie, guess work or sound defeated. People who really want to buy your car would never want to make you uncomfortable.  

The ownership transfer is very important. As the current owner of the vehicle you can end up easily in court if a crime is committed using your vehicle after the sale. Read carefully

It is worth your time.

We are sure you are going to make it just right and wish you get the best price for your vehicle. Keep your eyes open and all the very best.

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