The value of S$5 around the world

Singapore is an expensive place to live in. Sometimes, we are even called the most expensive city in the world. But S$5 can get you fascinating things in many countries, and in some, not much. Just for some perspective, here is what you can buy, see and do around the world with S$5.

What can 5 bucks get you in different parts of the world?

1. Indonesia

S$5 = 48,400 Indonesian Rupiahs

Indonesia is beautiful, simple, heartwarming, and welcoming. From vibrant Bali, to the intriguing Yogyakarta, Indonesia has many fascinating stories for adventurous travelers. The best part is that travelling around the country is not too expensive. Your S$5 can get you a lot in Indonesia.

Food and drink options are aplenty:

  • Three full, satisfying meals
  • 3 litres of milk
  • 3 kg of bananas or potatoes
  • Four loaves of white bread (500gm each)
  • Three bottles of domestic beers

And if you are a Bali fan, you will be happy to know that you can enter the famous Tanah Lot Temple, Elephant Temple, and explore Mount Batur (all twice!) in S$5.


2. Thailand

S$5 = 123 Thai Bahts

Welcome to the land of elephants, wild parties, spas and of course, malls. It is the favourite destination of backpackers, couples, as well as families. Street food is abundant and delicious in Thailand. For S$5, grab any of these:

  • Three lip-smacking street-food meals
  • Two big local beer bottles

What’s Thailand without spending some money exploring the cities? Here’s what you can do with 5 dollars.

  • Take an hour-long massage
  • Buy a good quality t-shirt

Source: Alexis Gravel

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3. Cambodia

S$5 = 14,700 Cambodian Riels

With its timeless temples, lush green paddy fields, and rugged coastline, humble Cambodia doesn’t fail to impress travellers. You will be surprised to know just how much you can buy with S$5 here. You can pay for either your stay, food or travel:

  • An aircon room for two
  • A McMeal at McDonalds
  • 4 litres of gasoline
  • Around 25km on a motorcycle taxi
  • Five mouth-watering single plate dishes.

Fabulous, isn’t it?


4. France

S$5 = 3.5 Euros

Aah France! Beautiful countrysides, romantic cafes, the Eiffel Tower and those melt-in-the-mouth macaroons. It is a country on the travel list of many. While your S$5 will not do any wonders here, it can get you a few things. Here you go:

  • Get you in the famous Jardin d’Acclimatation in Paris and enjoy a fun-filled evening.
  • Buy 3 litres of milk
  • Two half litre bottles of domestic beer
  • Travel 2km by taxi
  • A few of those famous macaroons

5. Vietnam

S$5 = 82,250 Vietnamese Dongs

Vietnam is the perfect combination of stunning natural beauty and fascinating heritage. Thanks to the country’s weak currency, your S$5 can take you far here. You can buy:

  • Grocery basics that will last you a week
  • A night’s stay at a hostel
  • A rental motorbike for a day
  • Five cans of beer

If you visit Hanoi, you can watch the famous water puppet show, enter the Museum of Fine Art and Ho Chi Minh Museum, all for under S$5. Amazing!


6. Italy

S$5 = 3.5 Euros

Enjoy a historical holiday visiting the world’s highest number of UNESCO Heritage sites or just go on a gastronomical tour in the country famous globally over for its cuisine. Whether it’s discovering the country’s beaches or its fashion, Italy never ceases to amaze its visitors. Trying to find out how far S$5 will run? Not too far! But you get some essentials.

Watch the evening go by with one of the following:

  • A bottle of beer
  • Two cans of Coca-Cola
  • Three bottles of water
  • A packet of pasta spices
  • A small bottle of truffle oil

Munch on:

  • Apples, bananas, tomatoes or oranges (a kg each comes for just around S$2.5, so prepare that fruit salad)

If you are cooking dinner, egg fried rice could be on the menu as 12 eggs and a kg of rice comes for under 5 dollars.


Source: lionelng

7. India

S$5 = 234 Indian Rupees

India – the land of Bollywood, the Taj Mahal, cultures, and colours. What’s not to love? Plus, India is affordable. Your S$5 can do wonders here.

If it is food you are looking for:

  • You can try out street food (all meals in a day) and still have 2 dollars to spare.

Souvenir hunting is fun too. Here’s what you can buy:

  • A traditional Indian dress
  • Junk jewellery
  • Keyrings, Taj Mahal fridge magnets, a small replica of the monument. (don’t forget to haggle though!)

What’s a trip to India without exploring the vast country? S$5 get you:

  • A 400km bus ticket
  • A 1,000km economy train ticket

And for emergencies, the money will also see you through:

  • A doctor’s consultation with some basic medicines



Source: lionelng

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8. Hong Kong

S$5 = 28.5 Hong Kong Dollars

An Insta-worthy skyline, neon-lit buildings, humongous malls and delicious food, all make Hong Kong the great place it is. Even though, it isn’t the cheapest places in Asia, S$5 can get you quite a bit:

A thrilling horse race at Happy Valley: While the general stand ticket cost is just 10 Hong Kong Dollars, with S$5, you could watch the race from the second floor terrace! It costs only 20 Hong Kong Dollars, still lower than S$5!
The Star Ferry Crossing: Soak in the city’s amazing contemporary architecture by taking this ferry across the Victoria Harbour. The ticket price starts at around 2.5 Hong Kong Dollars so you can take multiple rides!
As for essentials, buy 2 bottles of domestic beer, or basics such as bananas, rice and or milk in S$5.


Source: lionelng

9. Nepal

S$5 = 375 Nepalese Rupees

Snow-clad peaks, calming monasteries, rich wildlife, and ample adventure opportunities make Nepal a great spot for any traveller. Your S$5 can get you anything from:

  • A plate of piping hot momos from street vendors for each weekday (five plates!)
  • Two full meals
  • A bottle of imported beer
  • 5 litres of milk
  • One decent pizza
  • A night’s stay at a guesthouse

That’s your holiday figured right there!


10. Japan

S$5 = 409 Japanese Yen

Japan is known for its hi-speed transport, cutting-edge technology, polite locals, sumo wrestling and of course, sushi! In this amazing country, your S$5 can get you a lot. Talking of the basics, you could buy one of these:

  • 2 litres of milk
  • Two loaves of fresh, white bread (500gms each)
  • 2 kg of banana
  • 1 kg of onion or potato

You could also enjoy a 3.3 litre bottle of imported beer.

Let’s get to sightseeing now. Tokyo is known for its gardens and the good news is that you could visit one of the famous ones – Shinjuku Gyoen within S$5. Want to get closer to nature? Hike Mount Takao for unforgettable views for under S$5!


11. Philippines

S$5 = 183 Philippine Pesos

With its innumerable adventure sports, cobalt waters, white-sand beaches and happy locals, Philippines is on the bucket list of many. Here, for S$5, you can get:

  • Four haircuts
  • An Uber ride for an hour
  • Four big bottles of brandy
  • 4 kg of rice
  • 5 liters of gasoline
  • See the whole of Manila using public transport!

12. Sri Lanka

S$5 = 558 Sri Lankan Rupees

Sri Lanka is known for its colonial charm, dense rainforests, colourful wildlife and sun-kissed beaches. It is also known for its affordability. With S$5 in Sri Lanka, you can buy:

  • 10 loaves of fresh white bread (500gms each)
  • 6 kg of rice
  • Three delicious meals
  • One movie ticket
  • 10 fresh coconuts to enjoy the sweet water

Reason enough to head to these beaches right away.


13. Australia

S$5 = 4.62 Australian Dollars

Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Gold Coast — your Australia itinerary is sure to have all these cities. From chilling in the Bondi Beach to driving down the Great Ocean Road, from visiting the picturesque vineyards to taking pictures of the Sydney Opera House, your days or weeks are bound to be packed. Have 5 Singapore dollars in your pocket when you step out for a day here? Here’s what it can get you:

  • A decent breakfast (1 litre of milk and a loaf of bread or 1 cup of Cappuccino)
  • Fruits (1 kg of bananas, apples, oranges come for less than 5 dollars each

If you’ve already rented a car, then you can get 2 litres of gasoline for less than 5 Singapore dollars. So head out and explore!


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