Festival Year around Sri Lanka

All the Sri Lankans are abiding in internodes of the same chain. Internodes based on four religions which are Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and Christians. Two kinds of festivals organised which have been cultural and religious developing their affability among all faiths.

The “Erabudu” trees burst into bloom-the blood red flowers on the leafless branches. The sweet song of the “koha” as it nests in the heavily laden mango trees is once more heard. The rabana which hung on the wall is taken down. Swings are put up. All these signs joyfully herald the Sinhala New Year- the time of joy and celebration. New Year comes in the lovely month of April which is calculated by the astrologers when the sun makes its journey from the 12th constellation to the first constellation in the zodiac. All the customs of the activities are doing at an auspicious time. Sinhala Buddhists and Tamil Hindus most famous national festival are Sinhala and Tamil New Year.

The birth, enlightenment and the passing away of the Lord Buddha are on the full moon day of the month of May which was known as Wesak festival. Wesak is celebrated in diverse ways, erecting pandals, organising “Dansal”, illuminating their homes and gardens with lanterns. Different ages of all religions conceived purpose of true Wesak.

Mihidu thero commence to “Buddhism”, spread 18 grade of art to Sri Lanka. Mihidu thero shows how to their living would be over the righteous which is celebrated in Poson festival.

Thai Pongal is a Tamil festival in the year beginning. It is an offered sun god to thankful and admiring to giving primary energy behind agriculture and the good harvest. They decorated with mango, banana leaves and also emboss the floor, drawn colourful patterns using rice flour. They had assembled in “kovil” clothing with various colourful dresses and participated the festival occasion. Many of Tamilians wrought Pongal which is cooking done new clay pot prepare within savoury and sweet taste.

The victory of light over darkness signifies in Deepavali. People had been clean; decorate their home with oil lamp at Deepavali night and then participating family “pooja” after began fireworks. Deepavali develops our goodness, to fit against our inside evil.

Maha Shiwarathri had been a reference to Lord Shiva who was married parwathi. It’s celebrating at kovil, worship to god and all day get fasting.

Millions of catholicons had celebrated two major festivals in every year. Easter is instigating on Ash Wednesday which is focal incident of Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday including on Easter. Easter is a cultural festival which celebrates the Resurrection of son of god Jesus.

Christians around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on the twenty-fifth of December. Although the event occurred in Jerusalem approximately two thousand years ago, today it is celebrated in every nook and corner of the world. Christmas is all about loving and giving. Friends, relatives and the sick and the destitute are included in this kindness, of sharing and caring.

The Hajj is associated with the life of Islamic prophet Muhammad. Muslims must be carried out at least once in their lifetime by all adult to Mecca. They gathered to the cube-shaped building which had been pray for the Muslims. They believed heaven can be too close for them visit this place.

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