Experience Luxury without a 5 Star Hotel

If you are looking for substitutes for 5-star hotels, you will first need to know what they offer. Essentially a 5-star hotel is defined by a tourism rating system based on various criteria rated from 1-5, where the scale would range from poor to luxury/superior. The rating may be dependent on specific criteria making the reviews easy to compare and contrast. However, there are also certain factors that have been engineered by the hotel industry as part of the tourism system and the services and experiences offered to their guests that make a 5 star hotel stand out.

We are looking at various factors that deem a 5 star hotel as what it is, and these include everything from the number of rooms available, design, experience and even furniture.  In terms of hotel accommodation offered in a five-star hotel, you are looking at a vast number of rooms as low as 100 to even 500 depending on the size of the hotel premises.  Design in itself may reflect a chosen theme seen throughout the hotel. Often rooms look common to all those available on the hotel property making it appealing to the public (or the greater target market). The purpose of this may be to showcase that everybody gets the same (based on the room type booked). This also reflects on the furniture where it is more of the cookie cutter variety than unique. The experience offered would also be that of luxury but one that is available to all guests occupying the luxury hotel.

No matter what unique amenities a 5 star hotel may offer, there are those who look for a little something more, some would say more privacy, attention and an experience all together. The following are some ideal substitutes for 5 star hotels when you are looking for more than what is offered to the public than just luxury accommodation at a hotel.  

Boutique Hotels & Villas

Boutique hotels cater to a much lesser number of guests for a vacancy at one given time, offering personalized services and attention, along with more luxurious amenities from the design and furnishing of the hotel property. You are also able to indulge in cuisine along with all the frills that a 5 star hotel may not be able to offer. Due to this factor, boutique hotels are pricier but the value you get in terms of experience is worth it.

Luxury villas are a concept offered in often-warmer climates for holidays, and offer services similar to that of boutique hotels. In the event you are looking to stayint a luxury villa, you are offered a decorated and furnished accommodation option with privacy and immaculate service. Due to the limited number of accommodation options in the property, they are perfect for rest & relaxation embodied through peace and enjoyment. You will find that the property can often be separated by suites and detached from others or an entire property on its own (similar to that of a bungalow, however with a full-service staff offering around the clock concierge services). Villas much like boutique hotels come with price tag for the level of service promised.

Luxury Rental Homes & Bungalows

Luxury rental homes and bungalows are very popular, where you are offered vacation homes that are set in idyllic locations for the enjoyment of those looking for self-accommodation options often with the personalised concierge services.

These also include luxury home exchanges also known as mansion swaps, where you will find individuals who have listed their homes for a novel concept that will include two people who have been vetted for exchange and rent. This type of accommodation is usually carried out through a club of sorts that will allow like-minded individuals to exchange their homes for another for the duration of their stay.

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