Dos and Donts of Partying in Sri Lanka

Colombo and certain other coastal areas in the country are known for its vivacious nightlife, among other things. While it might not be your local variation of Vegas or even Goa, nightlife in Sri Lanka has definitely come a long way from some little dancing between tables at pubs to nightclubs and an increasing number of good beach raves. If this is your first time in Colombo or Sri Lanka and are keen on trying out something new to let loose on a Friday night, here are few things you should and shouldn’t do before, during and after your epic night out.


  • Party responsibly

    A common cliché world over but remember that the others in the club are here just like you to have some good clean Friday fun. Partying responsibly also means that you know your limits when it comes to any form of societal “vice” and stops when that little voice in your head tells you so.

  • Pre-game Before Heading Out

    Hitting a friend’s place or a pub before they shut down at 11.30 pm before heading out dancing that night not only significantly reduces your chances of spending exorbitant amounts on alcohol while out at the club but also increases your chances of catching up with friends and even getting some solid food into your system.

  • Have a Tentative Travel Plan Sorted before Heading Out

    Since drinking and driving are prohibited in the country, look up on the place you would be dancing the night away before you head out. Most cab companies work around the clock including tuk tuks so it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to call for a vehicle to get back. But do make allowances for quick exits and dead phone batteries, which would result in hopping on a tuk tuk closer to the club that would also convert to a pricey metre.


  • Drink and Drive

    The mantra has been repeated so many times over, but in Sri Lanka, traffic cops have zero to absolutely no tolerance towards drinking and driving. The country does not have a minimum amount of permissible alcohol, this means that one glass of wine, just might get you locked up for the night.

  • Go Looking for Trouble

    In other words, if the heated argument outside the club or little kottu shop seems interesting to you, watch from afar if you must, but do not try your luck at pacifying the situation. This is not your time to play your usual role of a counsellor and offer your impartial advice, but it is instead that time you move away from the situation and either go back to the club or go home.

  • Forget to Have a Good Time

    Don’t hold yourself back! Especially if you made an effort and conscious decision to come out that Friday or Saturday night. Let your hair down, let loose and have a great time. Always tell yourself that whatever that may happen during the night must happen the everyday world over and a lot of people would be used to its consequences!

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