‘We will forge ahead together’


United National Party General Secretary and Public Enterprises Development Kabir Hashim said that the continuation of the National Unity Government is the main objective of the United National Party and the bond between two main parties will not be weakened due to petty issues.

He made this observation responding to question by a journalist with regard to rumors that some SLFPers were planning to leave the government and support the joint opposition, at a media conference at Sirikotha yesterday, Minister Kabir Hashim said that there are politicians who jump from one party to another seeking various political advantages. “But we are dedicated to fulfill the needs of people without considering our personal advantages”.

“We can do our party politics after fulfilling our pledges to the people of this country by being members of national unity government for the next three years,” he said. Minister Kabir Hashim said that the government is in talks with two main airlines concerning a strategic management partnership for SriLankan Airlines.

“Measures will also be taken to do an internal restructuring of the Sri Lankan airlines with the intention of stopping SriLankan Airlines’ annual losses till we find a partner.”

He added. Hashim also stressed that the UNP will stand by Minister Ravi Karunanayake, if anybody moves a No Confidence Motion without proving the accusations against him.


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