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Sabaragamuwa Governor to take control of Provincial Council from tonight

The Sabaragamuwa Provincial Governor and President’s Counsel Marshal Perera says that the powers of the council will be vested in him after its official...

Beira Lake to be renovated into a ‘tourist and leisure park’

Nov 28, 2017   ‘Beira Lake Intervention Area Development Plan’ was launched by the Minister of Megapolis and Western Development, Min. Patali Champika Ranawaka.This plan aims...

Korean Civil Society Seeks Solidarity for Peace in Korea and Globe

At the conference, Gi Woong Son, President of Korea Institute for National Unification, advised that policy making towards North Korea be oriented to induce...

Thousands affected by Jaffna floods – over 150 houses destroyed

Nov 12, 2017    The Department of Meteorology says that thousands are being affected by floods which are prevalent in the Jaffna District. The Jaffna office...

Samsung Odyssey virtual reality headset announced for Windows

Samsung has unveiled a virtual reality rig designed for use with Windows PCs. HMD Odyssey joins previously announced VR headsets and hand controllers from Dell,...