Sri Lanka: GMOA —Look back, re-think

Politicians have different views, muffled by their personal agendas, and exploited for their personal gain. But, an elite organization such as the GMOA should be above this level of mediocre thinking. Unfortunately, despite your daily media justifications, current politicisation of the GMOA as an organisation is too obvious. This is because your actions neither serve the interests of the public nor that of your members.

by Chula Goonasekara

( August 16, 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Despite 70 years of independence, as a developing country, Sri Lanka remains poor, lagging far behind countries that were on par with us such as Singapore, and Malaysia. As a trade union representing an elite section of this nation, the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA), should shoulder a significant social responsibility to ensure that our country is travelling in the right direction towards economic and social development. In recent times, unfortunately, the actions of the GMOA do not seem to be much nation friendly. Instead, it has propagated a downhill drive towards poverty, chaos, inequality and corruption.[…]


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