Sri Lanka among the first 30 countries that secure human rights


The United Kingdom has decided to name Sri Lanka as one of the 30 countries that give priority to safeguard human rights.This was announced in the annual Human Rights Report released for the 19th consecutive year this afternoon.

Having appraised human rights development in the country the report further states that Sri Lanka should have to do more, including power devolution, through constitutional amendment.

In addition, the UK stated that it anticipated the country to introduce a new Act to protest rights.

Among the other obligations are: releasing lands currently being held by security forces in the North and releasing detainees currently being held without any charges.

It also quoted certain reports stating that security forces are still conducting search operations and are engaged in harassment in the North and the East.

Meanwhile, the UK, in its report, has praised Sri Lanka for passing necessary legislation to set up the Office of the Missing Persons.


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