Samanaya Janathawa – Ordinary people dream big


Sri Lanka we all know will not be alone in tackling injustice and the demands of its common citizens. Everything does take time to make an effective impact on the perceptions of the “samaniya janathawa”

by Victor Cherubim

( December 10, 2017, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) A person who dreams big is no ordinary person, but what makes them extraordinary is that they find the courage, mindset and discipline to make that dream come true.

Our “janathawa” are specially noted to think, act and dream big. This is because they know that what they think fosters what they feel, what they feel is how they behave, and how they behave is how they experience life and how they experience life fosters their values and their beliefs.

This is why they eat with the fingertips of their right hand. This is why they remove slippers and shoes before entering their homes. This is why they frown public display of affection. This is why the respect of their elders is most important. This is why they have to reconnect with nature all the time, because nature is part of their being.

Respect is earned

We have seen over the past few years that everything that is wrong in our island is due to the excesses of the past Government and that solely the misdeeds of past President Mahinda Rajapaksa. The common man is getting fed up with the “blame game” of the present situation in the land.

Take the case of the bringing to book the corrupt practices of the past. All we see is a pattern of case management, or rather justice management. Not a week passes without someone connected to the Rajapaksa clan being brought before our law. Much of what is the perception of the ordinary citizen is that law enforcement is a question of serving summons, bringing them before a Magistrate or Judge on perhaps a legitimate charge, most often remanded with much publicity and fanfare, or rather occupying a hospital bed in the prison hospital. The case then is postponed for a date
for hearing. The alleged defendant is kept in prison custody. Punishment for the offence is apparently that meted out at the remand stage. There have been very few judgments with custodial sentence. The common man is aware of the difficulty of proof and has to accept it as the end of the matter, or so it seems, looking at from a distant persective.

Respect is neither earned for the law or for our politicians, who thrive on having done “something”. There seems to be a lack of professionalism in our public enterprises. That seems to be the public, or the perception of the common man. People who have amptly demonstrated their inability to carry heavy responsibilities are kept on in many of our public bodies. A lack of visible progress with regard to development projects has yet to boost the common man’s morale or ego.

Unwarranted criticism

It is understandable that criticism of the perceived wrongs should be in a constructive manner and not for the sake of criticism or opposition. Yet viral rumours are spread most often at social gatherings and left to do the rounds to hurt the “yahapalanaya government”.

Government priorities

We are promised 1 million job creation will be fulfilled by the Government, so said State Minister Eran Wickramaratne.

The foundation laying ceremony of the China-Sri Lanka National Nephrology specialist Hospital was opened to the public in Polonnaruwa by President Sirisena yesterday.This is the largest hospital in the South Asian region dedicated for the treatment of patients with kidney disease.

Again, we see the Augunakolapellessa Prison was opened with all modern facilities including CCTV monitoring.

11,253 houses,7598 sanitation units,1293 public wells were constructed with 2216 partially damaged wells were renovated.

It is not only promises but action is being taken on delivery.

It is clear that just calling each other in Parliament as “garuwarani” does not earn the respect of “samaniya janathawa”. Nepotism and cronyism has no doubt prevailed in making appointments to government and state owned institutions. Similarly many court cases were pending in lower courts. This we are told will soon be tackled by the appointment of new judges.Local Government elections which for one reason or the
other have been postponed, will soon be conducted in early February 2018.

Sri Lanka we all know will not be alone in tackling injustice and the demands of its common citizens. Everything does take time to make an effective impact on the perceptions of the “samaniya janathawa”


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