Police open fire at lorry driven disregarding orders in Koggalle, 1 killed

One person was killed in an exchange of fire between a group of individuals travelling in a lorry which was driven away disregarding orders to stop and the Police in Koggalle, Ambalantota.
2 persons without helmets riding a motorbike had first disregarded police orders to stop after which a small lorry followed the bike.
The occupants of the lorry had opened fire at the police team manoeuvring the lorry towards the police officers.
Then the police personnel had retaliated.
Then one of the occupants of the lorry had got hit and killed.
Then the others in the lorry had fled leaving behind the dead colleague and the banana stock on the road.
Then this morning the driver and another person who were in the lorry had surrendered to Police through an attorney.

They said that the lorry was transporting a stock of stolen bananas while one person died in the shooting.


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