Plea to reconstruct Ginigathena-Peragolla road


The non-construction of the side-way draining system at a few places along a road from near the Ginigathena Central College on the Ginigathena-Peragolla bus route to Gonawala in the Ambagamuwa DS division in the Nuwara Eliya district has caused a great inconvenience to residents in the area.

The road was constructed by a private company under the supervision of the Road Development Authority. It was carried out under the Integrated Road Development Project implemented by the Higher Education and Highways Ministry at a cost of Rs. 28.95 million funded by the Asian Development Bank.

The residents of several villages including Gonawala, Medilla,Bogalkande and Kotahela said one-km-long road was constructed on a mountain with a deep drainage system but the non-construction of a drain at a few places has attributed to the situation where the rain water flowing down from the hill to the road.

Schoolchildren and parents have to wade in the muddy water during rainy days.

Residents have complained about the situation many a time to authorities and the minister but no action was taken to date.

They urge the Higher Education and Highways Minister and the authorities to take immediate steps to remedy the situation.


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