Over 25000 foreign professionals working in SL – Daily Mirror


China and India top the list which gives details of more than 25,000 foreign professionals who are being permitted to work in Sri Lanka in various fields on resident visas, Immigration and Emigration Controller General, Nihal Ranasinghe disclosed.

He said professionals from many countries were working in Sri Lanka under various job categories in several industries.

These professionals ranging from top level managers, senior executives, junior executives, skilled labourers and support staff have been issued resident visas or work visas to work in the country depending on their job requirements.

Mr. Ranasinghe said the resident visas range from three months to six months and from one year to two years or more.

The various sectors include BOI (Board of Investment) approved companies, government projects like the port city, construction of colossal commercial establishments and skyscrapers in Colombo City.

He said the Immigration and Emigration Department approved the visas for these foreign professionals in a lenient manner in view of the country’s ongoing development drive. (Kurulu Koojana Kariyakarawana)


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