NHS to suffer £2.7bn cuts ‘after government miscalculation of public sector pension costs’, research suggests


The NHS will suffer cuts worth £2.7bn after the government miscalculated the pension costs of public sector workers, new analysis by the House of Commons library has shown.

The research suggested that government underestimated the costs by as much as £4bn a year.

That money could have paid for the salaries of over 61,900 nurses, the Labour Party, which released the research, said.

The government had pledged to cover the additional costs up until 2020, but the health service will need to pay for the shortfall until the next election.

Labour said the cuts were evidence that “you cannot trust the Tories with our NHS”.

Peter Dowd, Labour’s shadow chief secretary to the treasury, said: “Billions of pounds are being quietly cut from our NHS, due to a poisonous cocktail of disastrous economic mismanagement and spiteful behaviour. These cuts are the equivalent of paying the salary of over 61,000 nurses a year. Nurses whom we desperately need after eight years of crushing austerity in our NHS.”

The Treasury and Department of Health declined to comment when contacted by The Independent. The Conservative Party has also been asked for comment.


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