New Zealand has elected itself the youngest Prime Minister since 1856



New Zealand has elected their youngest Prime Minister since 1856 -37 year old Jacinda Ardern. The country not far off Australia is now on course for a centre-left coalition government.Ms Ardern got involved in politics in her early teens itself. Her early journey included being the policy adviser to Tony Blair in the United Kingdom.

She entered the New Zealand Parliament for the first time in 2008, when she was just 28 years old.

Then she took over the leadership of the Labour party on July 31, spending the last three months as the opposition leader.

Jacinda Ardern’s Labor Party came second in the NZ elections last month, where no party was able to secure a majority.

Though nobody had a majority, ‘New Zealand First’ agreed to join the Labor Party in government, tipping the coalition for power. This new coalition will also be supported by the Green Party.

“I feel extraordinarily honored and privileged to be in the position to form a government with Labor at the lead.” -Ms Ardern said while speaking to reporters after the coalition deal.

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