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Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force has conducted joint drills separately with the militaries of Sri Lanka and India. The exercises in the Indian Ocean come amid China’s increasing maritime activity in the region.The MSDF’s largest destroyer Kaga left Colombo port in Sri Lanka with another Japanese destroyer, the Inazuma, on September 30th.

In their joint exercise with Sri Lanka’s navy, officers from the US Navy’s 7th Fleet boarded the Kaga and confirmed coordination.

Training for a search-and-rescue operation also took place under the scenario in which people were injured while at sea.

The Kaga joined India’s navy on Sunday to stage roughly 10 days of joint drills in the Indian Ocean. Participants will check strategic coordination for tracking submarines, launching artillery and other tasks.

China is developing ports in Indian Ocean nations under the pretext of its Belt and Road initiative to create a huge economic zone.

Beijing is also deploying submarines and other vessels in the Indian Ocean, which has strategically important sea lanes.

Rear Admiral Tatsuya Fukuda is the commander of the MSDF’s Escort Flotilla 4. He said Japan can contribute to ensuring maritime security in the region through coordination with the navies of other nations.


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