Lack of safety standards claim the life of a Central Expressway construction worker



Central Expressway construction workers are started to protest today (November 28) citing the danger in Safety Standards in their working environment.Protests began after a Expressway construction worker passed away after being electrocuted yesterday (November 27).

According to the News 1st correspondent, a group of construction workers protested from Kadawatha to Kerawalapitiya along the expressway following the incident.

The construction workers are raising the concern that the Chinese nationals involved in the project cannot help in the event of an emergency since they are not familiar with either English or Sinhala.

The electrocuted worker was kept at the site for over 30 mins because there was no emergency service at the site.

“It took 45 mins to take the individual that was electrocuted to the hospital. The Chinese nationals here do not understand us.” – said one of the workers.

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