Indian teenage girl dubbed Human Snake cured by Spanish doctors


A teenager dubbed the ‘human snake’ because her skin shed every six weeks has been cured by European doctors with the help of British fundraisers.

Shalini Yadav, 16, from India, suffered from rare skin condition lamellar ichthyosis which causes the skin to grow too fast, dry out, and shed.

Her case was so severe that she was forced to bathe every hour and smear herself with moisturiser every three hours to try and relieve the symptoms.

After doctors in Spain heard about her plight they agreed to treat Shalini for free, with the help of fundraisers from London.

Thanks to medicine which slows down the growth of her cells, her skin stopped shedding scales in just 10 days.

The delighted teenager from Nowgong town in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh has now returned to India and will be supported by the medics for life.

Speaking from Spain, she said: ‘I can’t wait to go back home and show my new face to the people there. Now, I want all those people to come and stare at me. Now, I am confident enough to stare back at those who stared at me and made hurtful comments. I am feeling very happy.’

The 16-year-old, from central India, had to bathe every hour and smear herself with moisturiser every three hours in order to relieve her symptoms

Medics in Spain agreed to help Shalini for free, with help from British fundraisers who helped pay for her travel to a clinic in Marbella

Shalini's family say she was shunned and stared at before her treatment, and her skin was so tight she was unable to walk without a stick or straighten her limbs properly

She was taken to Spain where doctors started her on a course of medication that stopped her skin from shedding within 10 days

In the next two months medics believe her symptoms will disappear altogether and she will be able to live a normal life thereafter

Shalini said her new skin has given her a 'new life' and she now looks forward to returning to school, after she was thrown out because the other children were afraid of her

After her experience in Spain, Shalini hopes to study to become a doctor herself one day in order to help other people
Source – Daily mail


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