Crucial T/P conversations found relating to Thajudeen’s murder


The Deputy Solicitor General Dilan Ratnayake informed the courts today (28), that details on a number of telephone calls taken from the Presidential Secretariat to Narahenpita Police and to many other persons on the day of rugger player, Wasim Thajudeen was murdered, had been extracted.

The case was taken up before the Colombo Additional Magistrate this morning.

The Deputy Solicitor General, representing the Attorney General Department told the courts that that information will be helpful to reveal details of the suspects, who are linked to the murder.

The progress of the investigation into the alleged murder was ordered to be reported to the courts on 8th of November.

There were speculations earlier that phone details linked to this crime had been erased.

However, technical experts have been able to retrieve most of the phone details of the crucial conversations carried out by hitherto unknown suspects.


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