Businesswoman takes up extra job cleaning toilets to pay for family’s round-the-world trip –


A businesswoman has taken on an extra job cleaning toilets to pay for her family to travel the world.

Clare Fisher aims to earn £3,000 from the role to reach her £30,000 target to visit 10 destinations.

She and husband Ian, 28, have saved £15,000 since they decided to sell everything they own in preparation for the once-in-a-lifetime trip with their two kids.

The family – who have also moved in with Clare’s parents to save money – are counting down the days until they leave the UK on March 14 with children Kallan, five, and Maddison, three.

The FIsher family are set to start their trip in March 2018 (Image: Andrew James)

Their epic trip will see them stopping off in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Maldives, Bali, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.

They also plan to do voluntary work in each of the countries.

Clare, 31, said: “We did have a couple of comments from people saying we are selfish taking the kids out of school and they aren’t going to learn anything but we disagree.

“At least once in every place we go we want to try to do something that will help.

“It’s something we have always wanted to do but with busy lives and jobs it’s just finding the time and it’s the opportunity now for us to do that.

“In some places it might be fundraising and in other places it might be visiting the orphanage and giving them stuff they need.

“We are looking forward to the children seeing it all. But we are going to keep on top of their reading and writing.”

Ian and Clare Fisher and their children are planning a nine-month trip (Image: Andrew James)
The mum, who runs a network marketing business from home, said they have sold most of their worldly possessions and are ploughing every bit of money they have into the trip.

“We have sold cars , handbags, and designer clothes. Every bit of furniture we had has either been given away or sold.

“I took an extra job cleaning toilets at Trecco Bay caravan park and that will mean another £3,000 before we go.

“And because I also work from home that income will come with me,” she told Wales Online .

• The family will be documenting their trip and sharing their pictures and videos via their YouTube channel Travel The World Family, via @traveltheworldfamily on Instagram and @TTWfamily on


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