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The Ministry of Finance states that a number of amendments related to importation of vehicle for government servants have been made. According to the Secretary to the Ministry of Finance, H.S Samarathunga, as per the 2018 budget, taxes will be charged based on engine capacity.

Earlier, taxes were charged based on the value of the vehicles for government servants. He further stated that a new circular has been sent to all the secretaries of the ministries indicating the new amendment for charging taxes.

According to the new circular, a government servant who has been serving for more than 25 years has the opportunity to import vehicles.

News1st also inquired into the matter from the Secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration and Management J.J Rantnasiri.

He stated that the secretaries of the ministries, high court judges and high profile government officials will receive a Rs.22 million tax concession.

Additional secretaries of the ministries, department heads and second level officials will receive a Rs.16 million tax concessions.

Other department heads at different grades will receive a Rs.12 million tax concession.

The new amendment came into effect from February 1.


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