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Increasing the Chances of Being Recruited

Some people effortlessly seem to find their perfect job and climb the career ladder rather rapidly. These people have the knack of dazzling in front of the interviewer and nabbing that coveted position. What is their magic formula? Getting recruited is a difficult process and you must hone your skills and build up yourself psychologically. There are key traits to increase one’s chances of landing a job in a fearless fashion.

Accentuate your Positives

If you’ve been rejected at your dream job, it is easy to feel dejected and let down. You may begin to feel like a failure if you’ve been turned down time and again. However, one’s self worth should not be defined by your career. Become more fearless and approach the difficult process of recruitment with as much positivity as you can muster. Speak only the positive and encourage yourself with determined words like, I can do this; I’m capable of accomplishing this.

Identify your Hang Ups

What are your specific issues when it comes to job hunting? Do you get completely stressed out; are you nervous you are not up to standard? Practice a mock interview with a close friend. Have a mentor critique your resume. Review your practice interview session which can be easily videotaped to give you better insight on how you appear at the mock interview.

Pressure Proof

Do not view the job hunt as a stressful process, rather an exciting event which will make you resilient, persistent and patient. Learn to have high tolerance against frustration. You are bound to make mistakes along the way; however, all these mistakes can be corrected. Do your best, avoid expecting perfection.

Networking is an essential component of job hunting. Do you know of anyone who might be able to give you inside information on the job opening? Learn to be proactive and more opportunities are likely to enter your world. Do not be self conscious. Job hunting means putting yourself out there in the world.

Do your Homework

When it is time to face the interview, it is imperative you do as much background research on the company, the job description, and the people interviewing you which will give you ample confidence. Ensure you know about the organization and the actual work they do.

Convey Confidence Instead of Arrogance

Tout your achievements and skills but approach the process in such a way you come across as likeable and not someone who is arrogant. Recruiters and interviewers do not take to arrogance well and however smart and intelligent you may appear to be, they will not be interested in taking on someone who may not have the ability to work as part of a team. Choose your words carefully and use examples of how effectively you can get a job done, instead of praising yourself with just words.

Identify your weaknesses fist, improve on them and transform them into strengths at your next interview!

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